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Webinar: R&D Tax Credits for Graphene and Innovation Companies

Numerous countries around the world offer start-ups and innovation companies financial incentives, including Research & Development (R&D) Tax Credits. R&D tax credits may be overlooked by companies developing and innovating graphene products and technologies, simply because they are often unaware of the tax credits available to them. If your company is developing graphene material, new graphene-based processes or products, watch our webinar recording below to learn how you could be eligible for R&D tax credits!

The webinar covers the following topics:

  • Introduction to R&D tax credits
  • How to know if you qualify for the credit
  • R&D tax credits for startups and graphene industry
  • Best ways to claim and use the credit
  • How Leyton can help
  • Q&A


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This webinar is presented by Leyton, a global R&D tax credit specialist, in partnership with the Graphene Council. Leyton is a proud corporate member of the Graphene Council. Our team of highly experienced scientists, engineers, tax consultants and attorneys produce innovative and sustainable strategies to achieve the maximum eligible financial return for our clients, without impacting on a company’s core business or security.