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Webinar: How the R&D Tax Credit can get your business through COVID-19


We understand that due to COVID-19’s economic impact, many businesses are seeking financial relief & support. For those companies, now is the time to look at every resource available to improve cash flow management. One of the most effective ways to get tax savings for your business is the Research & Development (R&D) Tax Credit, which can be claimed at the federal level and on most state tax returns.

Watch our webinar below to learn how your business can increase cash flow through the R&D Tax Credit.


We cover the following topics:

  • How can the R&D Credit provide additional cash flow?

  • What companies can claim?

  • What can be claimed?

  • How do I claim the R&D Tax Credit?

  • Live Q&A


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During this time, and more than ever, Leyton’s commercial, technical and tax teams are ready to support businesses like yours. Keep moving, innovate and achieve your goals: our teams are here to help you to do this personally, financially and tangibly.

With over 20 years of experience, Leyton is a global innovation funding expert currently present in 11 countries and serving more than 18,000 clients. Leyton's team of highly experienced scientists, engineers, tax consultants and tax attorneys implement strategies to claim the R&D Tax Credit, ensuring maximum eligible financial return without impacting a company's core business.