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Launched in 9 countries, the contest has attracted hundreds of startups that aim to have a positive impact on sustainability.

18 projects won over our jurors due to the positive impact that their technology can have on our planet. The feasibility of the project and the team were also an essential criteria. Discover these amazing projects.

Finalists Spain

Kibus Petcare

Kibus is the first home appliance that cooks healthy pet food automatically. It works with multi-dose capsules of dehydrated food. It is an IoT device that makes the whole cooking process internally

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We eliminate the keys to people's lives by facilitating holiday stays and even in your own home with smart locks that are safer than traditional ones and with remote control with a single app.

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Finalists France


We develop an innovating wing sail system for cargo ships based on the patented inversion of an asymmetric form. This optimized aerodynamic sail will reduce their fuel consumption and their pollution

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Bioenzymatic Fuel Cells

Reinventing the way we power disposable electronics for a sustainable future. We offer eco-friendly paper-based biofuel cells for sustainable and practical energy generation.

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Green Gen

100% bio-sourced (zero-glass) bootle for drinks, food, perfume and cosmetics.

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Finalists USA

GroPod from Heliponix

We provide consumers with the GroPod©, an IoT hydroponic appliance with a seed pod subscription described as "Keurig for food". Anyone can be a farmer with our hardware and cloud software.

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RetroLabs, Inc.

FreshCam makes any fridge smart. Reducing your food waste and saving you significant money. How? By giving you expiration notifications, recipe recommendations, auto reordering and fridge view via app.

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Our i-Tree Technology is like none-other when it comes to Power & Water Distribution! Stand Alone, and Independent of any access to the power grid, or water wells -Our unique terraforming capabilities.

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Finalists CANADA

Anaxiom Research Coporation

Nanotech based CO2 reducing air cleaning cement. Reinforced with graphene and carbon nanotubes, and containing recycled glass and a photocatalyst which destroys pollution when exposed to sunlight.

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WeavAir built the world’s first device that harnesses both physical and chemical metrics as well as predictive algorithms to improve indoor air quality, save energy & streamline operations.

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Finalists UK

Fuel Cell Gigafactories

BE construct hydrogen fuel cells using materials and manufacturing techniques with well-established supply chains; solving the industry's greatest issues; manufacturing complexity, scale-up and cost.

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Fishy Filaments

We recycled used fishing nets into materials for 3D printing.

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Finalists ITALY


Hexagro develops modular and automated indoor gardens to reconnect people to Nature while producing delicious healthy food.

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We fight urban air pollution through a new model of smart city, combining innovative technologies with the ambitions of urban communities. We built Arianna: a balcony pot that measures air pollution.

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Finalists BENELUX


HERO is the first real electric bike available by the minute. Accessible to all from € 1 and € 0.18 per minute, HERO allows you to arrive at your destination without the slightest effort!

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Air quality monitoring system based on the IOT platform built by Capte

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Finalists POLAND


Skriware develops a complete educational ecosystem focused on teaching STEAM skills through hands-on experiences & creative problem-solving. Our goal is to create education ready for modern challenges

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Bin-e is an AI-based smart waste bin, self-segregating and automatically compressing, with a data collection function and fill level control.

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