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Since its USA inception in 2017, Leyton has helped hundreds of companies improve their business performance by utilizing one of the government’s biggest innovation incentives: Research & Development (R&D) Tax Credits. After achieving tremendous success in Boston’s exceedingly competitive market, Leyton USA now announces expansion to the number one global innovation hub: Silicon Valley!

“With our California expansion, we aim to further strengthen our mission to optimize our clients’ true potential for innovation by offering maximum ROI in the form of R&D Tax Credits. We look forward to helping companies, particularly start-ups, identify strategies to generate tax benefits, while providing the highest quality of service. In California, we will serve various industries including high-tech, software, manufacturing, construction, food & beverage, agriculture & many more!”

- Craig Hale, Senior VP at Leyton USA.

California has the largest, most diverse economy in the US, contributing to its massive GDP. Thousands of technology companies like Facebook, Apple, Netflix & Tesla are headquartered in Silicon Valley. In addition to these fortune 500 companies, there are nearly 4 million small businesses in California. It is also home to some of the highest-funded technology startups in the US, including Uber, Lyft, Zoom & many more. 

The state provides a great funding ground for startups by offering significant tax benefits. Companies that conduct research and development are eligible to claim federal as well as state R&D credit, which can be a huge benefit for early stage companies. The California R&D credit is a dollar for dollar reduction of state tax liability. This credit is equal to 15% of the qualified R&D spend for the taxable year, or 24% of any research expenses for university-based research. While the federal credit is limited to a 20 year carryforward, the California state credit can be carried forward indefinitely, presenting an appealing advantage for companies to invest in R&D.


R&D Tax Credit Service in California


With over 20 years of experience, Leyton proudly retains the largest technical team dedicated to R&D tax credits globally. Leyton USA has successfully proven expertise in R&D Tax Credits in the East Coast, and is fully prepared to help businesses take advantage of federal and state innovation funding strategies in California. Leyton’s in-house team of highly experienced scientists, engineers, tax consultants, and attorneys provide tailor-made solutions to clients, so they can achieve maximum eligible financial returns.