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CES 2020: Business as a Platform for Change


CES is the largest annual showcase of the world’s most exciting game-changing consumer technologies. This show exhibits the true potential of humankind to change the world through technology.

The biggest industry names compete to reveal their most innovative and futuristic concepts. This year, CES was taken over by concepts of smart homes, smart cities, electric vehicles, flying transportation, virtual reality, AI robots, and many more!




Amidst all the thought-provoking human potential at display at CES, it is increasingly critical to recognize that our power to transform the world also comes with a great responsibility. It is important to recognize our purpose. As the world faces several problems today, such as climate change, inequality, poverty, widespread conflicts, lack of education, food security, and more, businesses must realize their responsibility to be a platform for change.

At CES talk “Good for Business, Good for the Planet,” Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff and Unilever CEO Alan Jope recognize the important role of technology to achieve bigger sustainability goals. Salesforce believes that it has an obligation to take care of the community they are in by supporting important institutions like public schools and hospitals, as well as solve problems such as poverty, income inequality, gender and social inequality through a purpose driven business model.

According to Benioff, our planet is the key stakeholder for businesses:

“We have to find innovative ways to save our planet!”

One of the many ways to achieve that is for businesses to invest in a sustainable supply chain network to track how products are made, as Jope has done with Unilever. Taking these steps shows that businesses care about things beyond profit and how they can be a platform for real change.

Benioff and Jope conclude their talk with some positive insights into the future. Benioff emphasizes the important role of youth, like Greta Thunberg, in changing the world. By 2050, people will use advanced technologies like AI, robotics, autonomous vehicles, and genetic engineering to transform the world into a better place.




That’s why Leyton launched the CES sustainable startup challenge last year to identify and showcase innovative technology with the power to make an impact. During CES, we also managed to identify several eco-friendly innovations that will be presented to our clients and partners in our “CES debrief events” with a goal to spread the word as widely as possible! Lastly, our biggest take away from CES this year is to understand the transformational role of technology, not just to conceptualize our potential future innovations, but also to use it as a platform for bigger change now.