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There are plenty of myths about the credit, such as that it's only for certain sectors and large companies. The fact is that the R&D tax credit legislation is broader and more all-encompassing than people often realize. R&D is not relevant to just scientific and technical fields, rather almost every industry across the US has significant levels of R&D. Many businesses are unaware that they are doing R&D activity on a daily basis that qualifies for the credit! That is why we have created the below flowchart, which can provide step-by-step guidance in determining your eligibility for the R&D tax credit, regardless of industry or company size.



R&D Flowchart



*Qualified Small Business:

  • Less than $5M in gross receipts per year
  • Within a 5 year window since gross receipts first incurred


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Leyton's in-house team of highly experiences scientists, engineers, tax consultants and attorneys provide strategic solutions, so that your business can achieve maximum eligible financial returns. Once you fill out the contact form, one of our R&D Tax Credit experts will get in touch you within 24 hours to provide one-on-one guidance on next steps.