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About us

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Global innovation funding specialists

Founded in 1997, Leyton is a global innovation funding consultancy dedicated to helping our clients improve their business performance. In the US, our specific expertise is in optimization of Federal and State Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credits.
As a business, we want to help unleash our clients potential and be a strategic partner in their evolution and growth. We help find openings in processes and ways of working that others can’t see, then unlock these opportunities to create value efficiency.

Our dedicated industry teams are comprised of highly experienced scientists, engineers, tax accountants, and attorneys, all of whom are motivated to help your business robustly claim and realize the R&D credit to incentivize further innovation investment.

  • 20,000 CLIENTS
  • 27 OFFICES
  • 1,500+ EMPLOYEES


The customer at the center

Our philosophy is to put the customer at the center of everything, as we always try to find tailor-made solutions in order to satisfy even the most specific needs. We count on a team of highly experienced scientists, engineers, tax accountants, and attorneys, whose mastery of the individual sectors allows us to offer the highest quality and accuracy in terms of service.

A solid network

Thanks to our presence in eleven countries, we can count on a solid international network: a condition further strengthened by strategic partnerships with entities, institutions and incubators both in USA and abroad, which makes us the perfect ally for the development of your business, regardless of size or industry.

A business made of people

We encourage an inclusive and diverse work environment, where meritocracy, respect, teamwork and solidarity are promoted every day, giving anyone the opportunity to better express their creativity and innovation. "Better for People, Better for Business."

The value of sustainability

Energy, Environment and Sustainability: the pillars on which we have always committed ourselves, supporting the transformation and growth of companies in a circular economy perspective, aiming for progress that will benefit both companies and the world in which we live.