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Who can claim?

A company who has patented products/services or uses patented processes as part of their business.

  • To qualify, companies must be liable to pay corporation tax within the UK and hold or actively manage qualifying patents or IP.
  • A benefit will be available if a company receives patent royalties.
What we do

End-to end management of the administration process. Leyton can review your current IP holding structures and patenting strategies and offer bespoke advice in the following areas:

  • Identifying qualifying patents
  • Reviewing your R&D Tax Credits to identify possible opportunities
  • Liaising with Leyton’s patent lawyers to enable patent applications or verify patent opportunities
  • Reviewing or advising on implementing and IP ownership policies
  • Mapping and quantifying relevant IP profit
  • Analysing transfer pricing arrangements
Our added value
  • Real gains immediately available.
  • A strong team comprised of scientific and technical experts.
  • Complete end to end service tailored to the individual client’s needs.
  • An active and continuous monitoring of legal, financial and technical developments.
  • Experience in a range of industry sectors.
  • Reviewing or advising on implementing and IP ownership policies.


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