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"Leyton were crucial to the success of our claim. Their close work with DPC Accountants meant that the entire claim process was handled professionally and efficiently. The financial result was definitely worth while."

Chief Technical Officer






No experience of R&D claims

"We hadn't heard of the R&D Tax Relief Scheme before and had no idea that it could be applicable to our business. Our focus has always been to deliver an exciting learning experience to students and to make sure that our product is at the forefront of the industry. To find out that our day-to-day activities qualified us for research and development tax benefits is hugely rewarding. As we didn't know how the scheme worked, what criteria to apply or how to go about claiming, we had no idea where to start."

Dealing with HMRC

"After Leyton produced the claim, HMRC asked a lot of questions about the project. Given that this was our first claim we were not confident of our ability to appropriately respond to HMRC's queries in order to sufficiently support our claim. The whole process seemed fairly uncertain and would have meant a lot of stress and time from our workforce if we had had to resolve this on our own."



Competent professionals who understand our business

"Having a software engineer prepare our technical report was a huge benefit. He spoke the same language as our technical staff and made the process smooth and less burdensome than if we had had to explain every aspect of our product to a layman. The consultants were also very thorough in assessing our expenditure and activities. They were rigorous in identifying qualifying areas of expenditure, some of which we would not have known were eligible, so we were confident that every possible angle had been covered."

Experience with HMRC procedures and queries

"Where Leyton's assistance was really invaluable was in dealing with HMRC after we had submitted our claim. As they have so much experience in our type of claims they were fully confident of our eligibility and undertook an impressive negotiation process with HMRC. Their technical staff addressed all the major queries by the inspectors and they worked seamlessly with DPC Accountants. Consequently we received our maximum entitlement with minimum hassle on our part as Leyton handled everything."



"The successful claim led to a cash refund to our business that was the equivalent of increasing sales by roughly half a million pounds. This will help us to further enhance our product offering and to better compete globally. The whole process was made smooth for us by having an experienced and professional team of consultants undertaking the work on our behalf. Investigating this for the first time and then dealing with HMRC could have made this process painful but there were no headaches at all. Having Leyton work closely with our tax advisors meant that we are able to build a long-term partnership with them, which has already delivered significant returns on our research investment."