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"Having Leyton undertake the submission on our behalf has made a massive difference to our resources. We could not have put in a claim without their contribution, especially given the tight deadline we faced at the time."

Financial Director



An engineering company who design and assemble machines to customer specifications.




Awareness of the R&D Tax Relief system

R&D in a Manufacturing environment

It was difficult for us to associate the concept of research and development with our manufacturing environment. From the design department to the shop floor where machineries are assembled, all our activities are business-driven. Our focus has always been to give solutions to clients' problems and we had no idea that in resolving these we were undertaking R&D.

First claim & tight schedule

When we started looking at this claim, we were already very close to our submission deadline. With the eligible activities for various projects split across a number of different departments, proceeding with this claim was going to be a challenging and daunting task, especially as most of our staff are very busy at that time of the year.

Difficulty with collecting relevant information

As our company had never been through this process before and did not know how to tackle the preparation of the claim and level of detail required it was difficult for us to collect relevant information to prepare and submit the claim. Furthermore, most of the information was not tracked and recorded on a project basis. A lot of effort was needed to coordinate the costs and records from the different departments working on the same projects.



Technical knowledge & strong industrial background

Leyton's technical consultants have been key in explaining to us what HMRC's perception of R&D in our field of activity is and also how to assess the number of qualifying R&D activities. Their in-house engineers were familiar with the manufacturing environment and were able to quickly identify eligible R&D projects. Their assessment was systematic and really helped to gauge the size of our claim."

Strong commitment, efficient and time-saving process

Leyton was heavily involved in the preparation process. Not only did they provide guidance on how to identify qualifying projects and collate related costs, but they also delivered an accessible and comprehensive report to support the claim.


Expertise in legislation requirements

It was really reassuring to rely on experts in this field in order to draw the fine line between what the legislation would regard as routine/trivial development from qualifying R&D activities. Our successful collaboration with Leyton resulted in a great benefit for us, which was not expected at all. From the audit process to the coordination with the tax authority, their assistance has been highly efficient and their process was tailored to our business. Overall, we highly recommend Leyton's services."