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"We are extremely pleased with the improved cash flow and significant savings we have experienced thanks to the help of Leyton."

Financial Director






The R&D Tax Credit, a complex tool

We had looked into claiming the R&D Tax Credit (RDTC) ourselves but found it difficult in terms of defining what was exactly required. We didn't think it would be worth our while when we looked into the level of detail that was involved and the questions were not particularly easy for an accountant to interpret. We decided to use an external expert in order to avoid tying up resources unnecessarily.



Leyton was an obvious partnership for us

Leyton was an obvious partnership for us Leyton seemed like an obvious partnership for us. They impressed us on how dynamic they were. They were saying when no-one else was, that the RDTC was a great opportunity and that more companies should be availing of it.
Learning that Leyton has a presence in France was also an important connection for us. While our researchers are based here in Ireland, we do a lot of research internationally, including France. We have since claimed the RDTC in France through Leyton's headquarters and it was a highly successful process.

Outstanding technical expertise

Leyton's technical expertise is outstanding. There is no comparison with the likes of the Big 4 and other accountancy firms who don't understanding the science behind the RDTC very well. Most auditors and accountants that I have met struggle to understand our highly specialised R&D. Leyton's consultants however seemed to understand and establish the key points quickly.


The value of the RDTC for us

We are extremely pleased with the improved cash flow and significant savings we have experienced since claiming the RDTC through Leyton. This has in turn improved the perception of Ireland as a good place to invest in research. With these types of programs and support, Ireland remains a leading country for our research program.

A successful partnership

We were undoubtedly able to make a more substantial claim thanks to the input of Leyton. The success of this collaboration has encouraged us to extend our partnership with Leyton on the RDTC. We are now looking at claiming in both Canada and the UK and are happy to work with Leyton in these jurisdictions also.