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  • Unlike most accounting firms, we use technical profiles such as scientists, engineers, chemists, etc. to assess whether your projects qualify as R&D.
  • Our technical consultants are required to have worked or studied in their area of expertise ensuring they not only are aware of the challenges our clients face but have faced them themselves.
  • Once you combine this industry experience with financial knowledge, it leads to much larger tax savings, a quicker, smoother process and much more reliable recommendations for the client.
  • We work with licensed tax advisors with a scientific and innovation background to provide clients with the most relevant advices, and the savings they are entitled to.
  • Our methodology is to secure savings by properly documenting and substantiated them with the required background materials, and in certain cases, assist our clients in obtaining rulings.
  • Our audits are structured to minimize the time spent by your teams so that they can focus on their core business and R&D activity, and not waste time unnecessarily.
  • Over 20 years’ experience in R&D finance in many countries.
  • Dual expertise an established and unique optimisation process based on financial, technical and project management knowledge.
  • Multidisciplinary teams experienced in almost every industry sector.
  • Global reach and our international network of teams ensure optimal support and savings beyond national borders. 
  • Possibility to scan your projects for grants & subsidies purposes.
  • Market monitoring and constant review of R&D legislation and developments to provide client with the newest solutions and drivers for optimisation.
  • No risk engagement - we offer an exclusive success fee structure based on our clients’ benefits.
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