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Since its creation in 1997, the Leyton Group has been committed to sustainable development by initiating and supporting several projects dedicated to solidarity and to the protection of the environment.

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In 2018, the group decided to coordinate all the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) actions carried out in its various subsidiaries by providing a common framework. The aim is to create synergies between the various initiatives, optimise results and monitor the impact of the actions through a global dashboard of performance indicators.

Through the Sustainability by Leyton program, the group consistently uses its expertise in innovation, energy and improving financial margins, as well as the strength of its international network and the continued strong commitment of its employees.


Arthur Le Vaillant

In February 2018, Leyton became the main sponsor of the skipper Arthur Le Vaillant. The partnership extends over two years and aims to lead Arthur towards two major regattas, the 2018 Route du Rhum and the 2019 Transat Jacques Vabre. The goal is to sail while minimising our carbon footprint as a result of technical studies carry out by Leyton’s Energy Department.

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The Sea Cleaners

Leyton supports the renowned association The SeaCleaners, founded by Yvan Bourgnon and dedicated to the fight against ocean pollution. The association has launched the construction of a hybrid-powered vessel, Manta, able of collecting large quantities of solid plastic waste floating on the oceans. Manta's electric motors are powered by a combination of renewable energy technologies combined with an optimised energy storage system.

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Our partners and employees have seen the implementation of a number of environmental schemes, this includes: lift-sharing incentives and alternative transportation, developing the use of collaborative communication tools (videoconferencing, seminars and online conferences), eco-driving guide for our employees, waste recycling (e.g used ink cartridges ...), printing documents and leaflets on PEFC or FSC certified paper.

Solidarity actions

Leyton supports the Noujoum Association in Morocco, which runs educational workshops in a hospital for children with cancer. Several of our employees regularly visit children on a voluntary basis.


Leyton is a signatory of the Diversity Charter. Through this commitment, Leyton ensures that it invovled in the process of developing the skills of its employees, without discrimination and with impartially. It is in this sense that in 2017 we created the network Leyton for All which aims to promote professional equality within the company. Internal mobility, in France and our subsidiaries, is fully in line with this desire to promote equal opportunities including both professional and personal growth.