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A food manufacturing company continuously making new food products, adapting recipes and designing mass production processes.



"If it hadn't been for Leyton we never would have known that we could claim for this relief and certainly wouldn't have included as many projects. Their expertise is unparalleled."

General Manager


Awareness of the R&D tax relief system

We are continuously making new food products, adapting recipes and designing mass production processes that are suitable for dishes that have been handmade by Michelin Star chefs. We had no idea that what we do on a day to day basis would qualify for R&D Tax Relief as we had always associated R&D with white coats and laboratories.

Volume of projects

Once the R&D scheme was explained to us and as we explored the types of development activities our company undertakes, we realised that a vast amount of the work carried out was R&D. We were dealing with around 2,000 projects and were not sure how to proceed especially as we had little time and resources to dedicate to the claim.



Bespoke Approach

Due to the large number of projects we had undertaken in the claim period, Leyton's consultants efficiently devised a model to categorise the different projects and apply a sampling methodology to identify qualifying projects and optimise the claim. Consequently the technical report they prepared strongly supported our innovative development activities and was less time consuming than would otherwise have been possible in the available time.

Clear Guidance & Thorough Analysis

Leyton was excellent in their interaction with us, firstly taking us through the details of the R&D tax legislation making it clear and accessible. The thorough and professional nature of their analysis was commendable. We were guided in every step of the claim right from introduction of the system through to the submission of the claim.


The value of the R&D Tax Relief

With Leyton's involvement, we have been successful in our first ever claim helping us to reinvest into our product offering. We have developed a strong partnership with Leyton and will definitely continue to claim with their assistance.