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COVID-19: Service Update


Dear client,

Following the Government’s decision this week to further limit the exposure and spread of COVID-19, Leyton has taken the following measures to maintain the continuity of our usual high levels of service for our clients.

We appreciate that this is very testing time and would like to reassure you that the Leyton team is strongly mobilised to provide an uninterrupted service remotely. We continue to deliver to agreed deadlines and are, more than ever, here to help you through this challenging period.



How can you reach us?


Contact with your Leyton Representative:

Your usual contact remains available at any time by mail or phone and will address any concerns or questions you may have.In exceptional cases where you cannot reach your Leyton representative, please email us at  and we’ll be delighted to assist.



Meeting planned:

We are committed to ensuring that every meeting scheduled can be executed via videoconference call, by phone or in person depending on your preference. Where meetings are scheduled as a videoconference call, your Leyton representative will provide you with a link and clear instructions via email in advance of this.

If you need to reschedule any meeting, please do not hesitate to inform your representative.


We would like to wish you, your family and your business the very best during this unprecedented time. Stay safe and please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for any help and support you need.



Kind regards,

Mariusz Przybylik,

Managing Director, Leyton Poland