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300 talented Recruits, 300 days

Target surpassed for our "300 recruits, 300 days" campaign

Launched in July 2018, we are thrilled that our recruitment campaign "300 talents, 300 days" has exceeded expectations. With more than 350 recruitments made two months before the official deadline, we have beaten our target! Leyton would like to welcome all our new employees who have joined the company in recent months. But even as this campaign closes, our recruitment will continue - do not hesitate to apply!


Recruited talents


Recruitment to date


Innovation, excellence and fun are the Leyton values.


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Available Opportunities

We are looking for engineers with PhDs and MSc qualifications across a range of disciplines ; energy, mechanics, software, automotive, artificial intelligence... We have opportunities for all levels of experience from junior, consultant to senior managers. For our commercial roles we are looking for both new and experienced business development candidates. All of our clients facing roles will work on high value accounts in both the private and public sector and we have a variety of support positions available in HR, IT, and finance.

Quels sont les postes proposés
Quels sont les bureaux concernés

Where are the jobs located?

There are opportunities available in all 9 countries where Leyton operates: France (Paris, Lyon, Nantes, Toulouse, Lille, Strasbourg, Nice and Montpellier), UK (London and Glasgow), Spain (Madrid, Barcelona and Bilbao), Belgium (Brussels), Morocco (Casablanca), Netherlands (Rotterdam), Italy (Milan), Canada (Montreal), United States (Boston) and Poland (Warsaw).

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