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The RAISE program

We support ambitious companies with their key innovation challenges, beyond financing, and help them innovate faster and more successfully.

Through research, consulting, and ‘co-building’, we help you raise your performance to the next level.

What we do


  • Identify new, promising technologies beyond your usual field of expertise, while clearly assessing their maturity and relevance to your business challenges
  • Cut through the hype to help you find a solution based on state-of-the-art, all with a neutral point of view as we have no vested interest in a specific technology
  • Find new use cases for your cutting-edge technology

Innovation management

  • Assess where you stand on the innovation journey based on your unique situation
  • Start the right initiatives through ideation and design sprints
  • Adapt your governance and craft the right, future-proof organization and culture that will drive your innovation for the years to come
  • Growth

    • Business planning and design: rapidly define a business innovation taking into account uncertainties
    • Marketing strategy: think and do smart marketing to early adopters & influencers.
    • Go-to-market: craft the right approach to succeed.

    Ecosystem leveraging

    • Don’t reinvent the wheel: find upstream partners that have solved a key challenge you encounter:
    • Co-develop an innovative solution.
    • Find partner or early client to execute a proof-of-concept.


    • Rescope your projects to better qualify for subsidies.
    • Find academic, private partner or join a consortium
    • Change methodology to go faster.

    We help you Raise your projects to the next level

    How we do it


    We identify and assess today’s and tomorrow’s technologies and leverage our own portfolio of 16,000 clients and our subject analysts


    From innovation strategy to governance and growth consulting, our experts behave as co-owner of your issues, and bring a new light on your decisions and accompany you during key phases, through workshop on on-site support.

    Advisory & coaching

    Our network of experts will give you punctual support on your key innovation decisions.

    Why Leyton: the #1 Innovation consulting firm

    20K projects documented each year

    Intimacy with state-of-the-art technological innovation through 20K projects documented each year.

    Strong expertise

    Strong scientific and managerial consulting expertise, doubled with large research capacity.

    Unique ecosystem

    Unique ecosystem of 16,000 innovative clients from start-ups, established SME to large corporations.


    Download our white paper:
    “Innovate like it’s 2025”

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