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You identify a need to which you can bring an innovative answer to the market or you innovate for internal needs in your company. From the feasibility phase to the development of a prototype, your R&D and study expenses can be co-financed by regional or European grants.

Your investment, recruitment or training projects are encouraged at regional and European level through financial incentives that can be significant. These are aimed at empowering the economy in certain regions, creating or sustaining jobsand, in some cases, developing new green technologies.

Leyton helps you to identify the right leverage, find partners, set up, coordinate, and follow-up your applications both technically and financially, in the frame of a performance-based approach (no cure no pay).

Your challenges

Increase the success chance of your projects

-          Find adequate partners

-          Master all steps and rules of the funding request

-          Stay focused on the execution of your R&D projects

-          Minimise your time spent on procedures

-          Secure the payments of instalments

Our approach

A personalised support, adapted to your needs

-          Detect your R&D projects and expenses potentially eligible

-          Select the appropriate aids according to your strategy (feasibility, research, marketing, HR ...)

-          Optimise the intervention rate according to multiple criteria

-          Prepare and draft all aspects of your file (technical, business and financial)

-          Monitor the communication with the public authorities

-          Manage the technical and financial reporting phase for a rapid payment of instalments

Our results

Intense support for the development of your innovative projects

-          A success rate close to 100%

-          Ongoing information on new sources of funding

-          Long-term support

-          A dedicated team of experienced consultants