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In a world where labor costs remain high and can undermine the balance of a business, there is an urgent need for employers to benefit from all federal and regional measures to reduce payroll taxes.

Leyton can help you benefit from these measures retrospectively, but also ensure their perenniality by supporting you in setting up procedures adapted to the characteristics of your company.


A good remuneration policy is effective if it motivates employees to work in order to achieve the strategic objectives of the company employing them. Nevertheless, it is necessary to find the balance in a sound practice and the costs related to the wage policy put in place, in compliance with the Belgian legislation.

Our specialised consultants can help you find this balance by establishing a clear and precise cadastre of all your wage benefits and offering you creative solutions tailored for your employees and in line with the values and size of your company.



Our expertise in the various fields of hard HR allows us today to offer you support from your payroll / C & B teams. A performance audit, targeted coaching or rigorous support in the implementation of new measures may be managed by a dedicated consultant.