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A New UK Grant Is Available - Food for Thought

Did you know there are a range of UK and EU grants which can help fund companies working in the food sector? Leyton's specialists have helped secure grants for companies across the UK for their new product development, process improvements and investment in machinery and buildings.

In the last year, we have helped companies in Scotland, Wales and England obtain over £500,000 funding for their projects in the food space.

The main challenge company's face is they are often completely unaware of their eligibility of the grant. Often they are not advertised and promoted in the sector so often go under the radar for firms who are in scope. Often firms need to invest to remain competitive in the fast-paced food industry, so when there are government bodies providing financial incentives to aid this, they should be utilised.

This was evident with Leyton UK's most recent successful food grant application. We secured £65,000 funding for a new bagging line for a vegetable packing company. They had no idea the grant was available as they were focusing on their day-to-day operations and much like many businesses, had no time to prepare documents for grant authorities. Leyton ensured the company was compliant with grant regulations and assessed their eligibility whilst relieving the entire admin burden.

Heloise Finch-Bowyer, Leyton UK Senior Grants Specialist, states "Food and drink companies risk missing out on grant finance as they are unaware of all the funding streams. At Leyton, we match your project to the available grants, maximise your benefit and take care of all the paperwork, allowing you to concentrate on growing your business".

Another example of this, is a recent potato crisp manufacturer who we helped obtain £100,000 funding to develop and process new snack products. They financially couldn't invest in their planned new product line without financial support and, again, had no idea their company was eligible for a grant. Now they have expanded significantly and you can see their products on shelves in all the major retailers. At Leyton we were proud to help them achieve their business goals.

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) has a new grant available for food and drink companies across England processing agricultural or horticultural products.

Company processing meat carcasses can obtain £450,000 funding for things like slicers, cookers and freezers from capital investments.

Food and drink companies must be:

- Processing milk/meat/fruit/vegetables/flowers

- Planning a capital expenditure project that has not yet started (i.e. constructing or improving buildings, or buying new equipment and machinery)

- Planning to take on more staff

The grants will cover up to 40% of project costs for companies of any size. Companies can apply for the grant until the end of 2017.